Nonprofit Spotlight: Awaken Love for Africa

Africa is the poorest continent on Earth; that’s common knowledge. What might not be so obvious, however, are the results of poverty in Africa — starvation, rampant disease, homeless children, and on the list goes.

Awaken Love is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of those affected by poverty in Kenya. The UK-based charity works hands-on helping West Kenyan orphans, widows, and families in need. AL was founded in 2007 by Sophie MacLachlan, who was deeply moved at the number of neglected orphans and lack of care and opportunity she witnessed during a post-graduation trip to Kenya. She scrapped her college plan, recruited her family (among them an experienced builder), and dedicated her life to this incredible cause. Since their inception, they have founded projects that have given a tremendous amount of hope and support to the people of Kenya.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-34-02-pm

One of the amazing ways AL has helped Kenya is their involvement in Gideon’s Orphanage. The orphanage was started when a poor African couple took in 32 homeless children and cared for them (they lived in a mud hut). AL discovered this makeshift orphanage and quickly intervened; Gideon’s Orphanage was rebuilt and living conditions significantly improved. The orphanage now fosters 200 children, and the two organizations continue working closely together. In Africa, education is a luxury most people are not afforded. With the help and support of Awaken Love, the youth of Kenya are able to participate in workshops that teach them valuable skills in training for the job market. In efforts to increase the low employment rate (and decrease homelessness), AL has set up specialized workshops teaching skills in the areas of computers, carpentry, and sewing. They want to expand these workshops by offering education in other areas as well, so those skilled in other areas (such as mechanics and metal-working) are encouraged to enlist in the volunteer program.

Through these projects and others, AL continues to help members of these poor communities become independent through employment, maintain sufficient living conditions in Gideon’s Orphanage, and provides hope and support to those in need. Sponsorship programs are available which provide basic needs for poor children, including food, clothes, and healthcare. Through their nonprofit website, donations can be made toward AL’s efforts, as well as sponsorship for individual children; you can also enroll in their volunteer program, or just learn more about this charitable organization itself by visiting their website: Thank you, Awaken Love, for all that you do in opening a world of opportunities to the beautiful people of Kenya!

Nonprofit Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity (Augusta/CSRA)

Isn’t it nice to imagine living in a world where everyone has a decent place to live? This is the vision of the international nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity. The sad reality, however, is that the percentage of people living in poverty is at an alarming rate; this poverty rate has consistently continued rising as pay rates are grossly disproportionate to the rising cost of living. As a result, this rise in poverty has resulted in a global housing crisis, leaving many working families to live in substandard, overcrowded, and even unsafe homes. The kind people of HFH offer adequate housing options to qualifying families in need at very low mortgage rates.

Recent statistics show that roughly 828 million of the world’s population live in urban slums and poverty-stricken districts; urban areas make up an estimated 50 percent of the world’s communities. Research has proven that, overall, children living in substandard housing are affected negatively in the area of academics. Worse yet, shortages of clean drinking water and poor sanitation practices claim the lives of almost 2 million children a year worldwide. With these saddening facts, it’s a blessing to see nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, in action and continuing their efforts to make the world a much better place.screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-3-41-44-pm

On the positive side, HFH has provided over one million quality homes (some brand new, some renovated) to families in need! That means these working families are more easily able to afford healthcare, food, and clothing. This wonderful organization does even more than provide housing; they offer programs such as financial education and disaster response. There are also HFH “ReStores”, or nonprofit stores open to the public selling donated furniture and appliances; proceeds are used for housing operations. The August/CSRA division of HFH uses their GivingPress nonprofit website to showcase team members, news highlights, and events. With the use of responsive plugins, community members are easily able to apply for housing, enroll in volunteer programs, and donate to the cause. For more information on Habitat for Humanity: Augusta/CRSA, visit their nonprofit website. Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for helping to make the world a happier and safer place!

Nonprofit Spotlight: Fight for Space

Have you often wondered why we haven’t been back to the moon since the late ’60s, or why man has yet to journey to Mars, despite modern advances in technology here on Earth?

Fight for Space is a documentary film which highlights the many benefits of space exploration to humankind, while contrarily explaining economic and political factors that have lead to the decline in NASA funding. The film, which took 4 years to produce, is the result of thousands of Kickstarter supporters who believe space exploration is a cause worthy of supporting, and is newly featured in the DOC NYC Film Festival in New York City. Featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the documentary is composed of over 60 interviews with astronauts, congressmen, scientists, historians, and many other experts in the field of space exploration. Fight for Space makes good use of their GivingPress nonprofit website by demonstrating the use of different functionalities while displaying a clean and aesthetic layout.

With the use of our responsive pages, Fight for Space has created a very organized and structured nonprofit website. The organization succeeds in keeping things simple, yet informative. The website indicates the documentary film’s key points of historical events as well as political and economic factors that have cut NASA funding, delaying efforts to further space exploration. Their Crew Page features each member of the documentary team, along with a brief biography for each. The proactive team also includes a Take Action page, which provide links to join space advocacy groups, as well as a government web link where citizens can submit letters supporting space exploration initiatives. You can view film trailers, excerpts, and learn more about the documentary itself by visiting the nonprofit website.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute

The Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute is a nonprofit organization of scientists dedicated to ongoing research and rehabilitation of marine animals, outreach education programs, and the propagation of endangered species of Hawaiian corals.

Earth’s marine environment is in constant need of our support. With recent news attention to the tragic health decline of the Great Barrier Reef, it is comforting to be reminded of organizations working to protect, recover, and restore our oceans.

moc-nonprofit-websiteThrough use of their nonprofit website, MOC Institute is able to educate the public, accept donations, and update the community of Maui on current projects. One project they have continuously supported is the cultivation and care of endemic Hawaiian corals. Due to the warming of ocean temperatures caused by climate change, many reef-essential species of coral worldwide have come under immense stress, diminishing Earth’s coral reef population. The MOC Institute houses a “coral bank” which provides care to many Hawaiian coral species, as well as a cultivation program that successfully propagates coral, eventually returning it to its natural habitat in the nearby ocean.

One of MOC Institute’s goals is to eventually build a rehabilitation center for sick or injured sea turtles. Currently, there is no such facility on the island of Maui; all sea turtles in need of care are transported to a rehab center on Oahu which does not have the capacity to provide long-term care. The future plans for MOC Institute include a complete rehabilitation center where hurt or ill sea turtles will be nursed to health, then returned to the wild.

Located on the shore of Maalaea Harbor, MOC Institute consistently work hands-on to rescue and rehabilitate a diversity of precious marine life, all essential to the health of our oceans’ ecosystems. MOC’s nonprofit website feature high-quality ocean photography and images of their coral banks, as well as documentation of current projects. The GivingPress theme’s responsive pages are well-utilized, and contact information is easily accessed at the top of the page, making it easy to receive community support. Without the efforts of nonprofit organizations like these, the ocean as we know it might be quite different, declining at a much faster rate. Through outreach programs and public education, MOC Institute hopes to instill a greater understanding and appreciation of our oceans and the marine life that depend on it. For more information about Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute, visit their website.

Nonprofit Spotlight: BirthWaves

Since the launch of GivingPress, we have been exposed to a variety of great organizations, and are continually blown away by their selfless acts of kindness. Recently, we were introduced to BirthWaves. The kindness and empathy of their nonprofit services deeply moved us.

So this week, we would like to spotlight the Bbirthwaves-screenshotirthWaves nonprofit organization. They provide doula services specializing in pregnancy and infant loss. Doulas are trained professionals, or birth companions, who provide emotional and physical assistance throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and into the postpartum phase. BirthWaves is a network of certified doulas who provide a variety of services to grieving mothers and families who have lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death of any cause. These incredible women offer their unconditional support 24/7 to all families at absolutely NO cost to the family, regardless of income, religion, or any other factor. The nonprofit organization does rely solely on donations from the community, but all of these amazing services are absolutely free to families in emotional need.

According to the BirthWaves nonprofit website, research shows that 10-25% of pregnancies in the U.S. end in miscarriage, resulting in an astounding 600,000 miscarriages per year. In addition, there are approximately 25,000 stillbirths a year. It is hard to imagine the emotional effect these numbers play on hundreds of thousands of mothers and families across the nation. If there’s any silver lining to be found, it’s that these compassionate women are willing and available day or night to provide comfort and support any way they can. The free doula services provided range from early stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery assistance, postpartum support — including light housework and meal preparation for recovering mothers. The bereavement doulas even help with funeral arrangements for the family in efforts to ease the painful process of losing a child. We personally appreciate BirthWaves selfless, inspiring cause and for making a difference in the world and the lives of so many families.

For more information about this incredible group of women and to offer a donation to their cause, visit the BirthWaves nonprofit website.